Our State of the Art Spaces

Green Room

The Green Room is named for its Marijuana Exquisite Flowers, green painted walls, window lit marijuana flowers, 75″ large screen television, black leather sofas and glass cocktail tables.

Seats 11

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Silver & Black

Bask in the greatness of the Raiders in the Silver & Black room. Adorned with the Raider’s greatest, and with a fitting color scheme, any fan is sure to feel at home.

Seats 8

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Greatest Room

This space seats 6 and is aptly named The Greatest Room, representing America’s greatest athletes in history. This space will host dominoes, cards, chess and checkers tourneys. Only the best of the best may represent.

Seats 6

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LED Room

The LED Room is a blacked out room with 10 seats in a semi-circle and flashing LED lights. The walls allow for visitors to write on them with LED markers.

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The Board Room

The Board Room has 12 high back chairman seats, surrounded by the most important people in American history that have a history of using marijuana.

Seats 12

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The RESERVE has 2 offices that may be leased for business folks.

Both offices include a desk and three chairs.

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Meditation Room

Beanbag Room

Game Room

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3200 S. Valley View

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